868MHz 20mW FSK Transceiver Module (equivalent to RFM69W)

The HopeRF RFM69 is the lower cost, lower power brother to the RFM69H main radio module used in the UKHASnet system. This version allows for only up to 20mW RF Output Power, but is otherwise identical to the RFM69H. Interfacing is via SPI and there is libraries and example code for use with AVR, Arduino and ARM microprocessors. The modules will require soldering and it is recommended to either use a PCB (check out our kits) or stripboard (UKHASnet Wiki) to integrate it into your node. 

Datasheet: RFM69-V1.3.pdf


  • +13 dBm - 20 mW Power Output Capability
  • High Sensitivity: down to -120 dBm at 1.2 kbps
  • High Selectivity: 16-tap FIR Channel Filter
  • Bullet-proof front end: IIP3 = -18 dBm, IIP2 = +35 dBm,80
  • dB Blocking Immunity, no Image Frequency response
  • Low current: Rx = 16 mA, 100nA register retention
  • Programmable Pout: -18 to +20 dBm in 1dB steps
  • Constant RF performance over voltage range of module
  • FSK Bit rates up to 300 kb/s
  • Fully integrated synthesizer with a resolution of 61 Hz
  • FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK and OOK modulations
  • Built-in Bit Synchronizer performing Clock Recovery
  • Incoming Sync Word Recognition
  • 115 dB+ Dynamic Range RSSI
  • Automatic RF Sense with ultra-fast AFC
  • Packet engine with CRC-16, AES-128, 66-byte FIFO Built-in temperature sensor
  • Module Size:19.7X16mm

Note: This module is the Chinese distribution version of the 'RFM69W', hence missing the 'W' tag. This module is specified as being identical in functionaility and performance as well as still complaint to ETSI and FCC requirements. The RFM69W datasheet for comparison can be found at: RFM69W-V1.3.pdf

Radio Modules
Frequency Range 862 - 890MHz
Maximum Supply Current 45mA
Supply Voltage Range 1.8 - 3.6V
Maximum RF Output Power 13dBm (20mW)

HopeRF RFM69

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