This board is designed to be mounted on a Pi A+/B+, Pi 2, or Pi 3. It provides a footprint for an RFM69[H][W] module as well as two DS18B20 temperature sensors.


  • MISO: Pin 21 (SPI)
  • MOSI: Pin 19 (SPI)
  • SCK: Pin 23 (SPI)
  • NSS: Pin 24 (CE0/GPIO8)

  • DIO0: Pin 38 (GPIO20)
  • DIO4: Pin 37 (GPIO26)
  • RESET: Pin 40 (GPIO21)

DS18B20 x2

  • DATA: Pin 7 (GPIO4)
  • R1: 4.7K Pullup Resistor
Designed by Russ Garrett.

Note: This doesn't have an I2C EEPROM and therefore doesn't meet the official specifications of a Pi HAT.

RFM69 Raspberry Pi Board

  • Product Code: RPi RFM69HW v1.0
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • £1.50

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